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WVU Experimental Rocketry Team

West Virginia University’s Experimental Rocketry Team welcomes students from any and all majors! We'll teach you everything you need to know about rockets from square one, so you can find what you enjoy most and participate in the aspects of the team that interest you!

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The team poses in front of Mountain Mama in Argonia, Kansas as it sits on the launch pad

WVUER with Blue Ridge Blazer 

Spaceport America Cup 2023


During the 2022-2023 academic year, 156 teams from around the world participated in the Spaceport America Cup for the competition’s 16th competition year. West Virginia University’s Experimental Rocketry Team participated in the 10,000-foot Student Research and Developed (SRAD) Solid Fueled category and introduced the club’s first iteration of fiberglass composite wound tubes with the use of an X-Winder sponsored by Material and CADWind. This achievement marked the team’s first steps towards being almost completely SRAD. 

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From Left: (Top Row) Corey Kinder, Michael Farha, Sam Bartle, Dr. Patrick Browning, Cameron Spaeth
(Bottom Row) Charley Howard, Brady Davidson, Nathan Bonafield, Paislee Adlington, Elizabeth Breckenridge, Noah Trimmer, Ben Renninger, Mitchell Lisk 

WVUER Returns to the Spaceport America Cup

Team members pose in front of Appalachian Sunset shortly before its successful flight at the 2022 Spaceport America Cup   
After a 3 year hiatus, teams were once again welcomed back to the New Mexico desert to compete in the 2022 Spaceport America Cup. West Virginia University’s Experimental Rocketry team was highly successful, earing 1st place in the 30,000 foot Student Researched and Designed Solid Fueled category and 2nd in the SDL Payload competition. This achievement marked the team's first successful 30,000 foot competition flight, as well as its first fully functional scientific payload deployment.

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Watch Appalachian Sunset's historic flight

From Left: 
(Top Row) Elizabeth Breckenridge, Paislee Adlington 
(Bottom Row) Dr. Patrick Browning, Matteo Cerasoli, Corey Kinder, Tucker Johnson, Annette Straziuso, Noah Trimmer, Michael Borkoski, Joseph Shepard, Charley Howard

WVU Finishes Second in Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition

rocketry team members and winning rocket   
West Virginia University’s Experimental Rocketry team overcame near catastrophic setbacks to capture second place in the 10,000 foot-launch category at the second annual Spaceport America Cup. 

From Left: Casey Wilson, Zach Maddams, Tucker Johnson, Gene Cilento (Former Statler College Dean), Matt Hines, and Dan Bennett

WVUER Free Bird for Spaceport America Cup 2018  

Wondering what it takes to build and launch a competition-class rocket? Check out this awesome video made by Ernie Marsh documenting the design, construction, motor testing, and flight of "Free Bird"! The team's 2018 entry for the Spaceport America Cup 30k SRAD competition!

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